Yi Ta Wang “Giant Killer” Success in Open de Paris

It has been an exciting second day of the Karate1 Open de Paris 2018.   There have been big upsets, with the majority of the WKF ranking leaders being knocked out early, and lots of excitement, with the underdogs charging forward and achieving big.   The person leading that charge is Yi Ta Wang.   This Chinese Taipei karateka is set to meet Ryo Kiyuna … Continue reading Yi Ta Wang “Giant Killer” Success in Open de Paris

Taking Care of Your Belt

Recently, I wrote an article on how to take care of your karate uniform (http://jesbromley.com/taking-care-of-your-uniform/ ).   Taking care of your uniform is just as important as taking care of your belt, maybe even more so, since your belt is what represents your success as a karateka.   Taking care of your belt is definitely a worthwhile activity, as it will eliminate the odors trapped … Continue reading Taking Care of Your Belt

Hayashi Champion Flex Review

Hayashi are a growing German brand that specialize in sport karate.   They have kata gis, kumite gis and protective gear, and are a popular choice for everyday karatekas (since they are good quality uniforms at an affordable price).   Their products are also quite popular on an international level, with many professional karatekas wearing Hayashi’s uniforms, including the likes of Luigi Busa and Noah … Continue reading Hayashi Champion Flex Review

Five More Best Karate Brands and Manufacturers

If you are first time shopper for new karate equipment, whether it be for training or competition, you may not know which brands to buy from.   I have already made a list of the top five karate brands/manufacturers (which you can see here – http://jesbromley.com/top-five-best-karate-brands-manufacturers/ ), but there are still many great brands to buy from.   Here is a list of five more … Continue reading Five More Best Karate Brands and Manufacturers

How to Look Sharp for Competition

Everyone wants to have katas that look good, whether it be for competition, or even grading.   One factor that makes a kata good, is its sharpness.   Sharp katas can be very impressive, and sharpness is usually what separates a bad kata from a good kata.   But what is this “sharpness” you are talking about?   My definition of sharpness is: the product … Continue reading How to Look Sharp for Competition