Antonio Diaz Drawing

Today I thought that I would try something different… a drawing!


Art is a hobby of mine, and when I am not doing karate or any sort of exercise, art is a great way to pass the time.


So in this post, I am going to combine my two favourite things… drawing and karate. 


The illustration I am uploading today is of the legendary karateka Antonio Diaz.


Now, if you don’t follow WKF karate, or for some reason have never heard of him, here is a little information on this famous karateka:



Antonio Diaz is one of the most famous karate practitioners in the world, due to his immense success in the individual male kata division.


He has been competing in international competitions for more than twenty years, and is showing no signs of slowing down.


Diaz has placed at every WKF World Championships since 2002 (World Championships are held every two years), and in that time, has been World Champion twice, runner up once, and bronze medalist five times.

Some other highlights in his career include winning two World Games titles, in 2005 and 2013, and has come first at the PKF Senior Championships fifteen times (he holds the current record for participation and victories in that event).


In total, Antonio Diaz has medalled in thirty five international events, with more than half of those medals being gold.


Oh, one more little thing… he is the all time ranking leader by more than two thousand points, making him the most successful karateka who is still competing today. 


It is fair to say that Antonio Diaz is a KARATE LEGEND!



This is why my first drawing was of him.


I even filmed the drawing process, which you can see in the timelapse below.



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Who do you think I should draw next? I’m thinking Spanish female karateka Sandra Sanchez… let me know down below!




-Jesi Boy



4 thoughts on “Antonio Diaz Drawing

  1. Very interesting Jes. I enjoy reading your publications.
    I am intrigued by your timelapse drawing. A magnificent drawing.

  2. Hello Jes!
    I’m a Spanish karateka, my favorite kata woman is Sandra Sanchez, it would be fantastic you draw her. Waiting for it!
    I wrote all the results of the PREMIER LEAGUE OPEN OF PARIS 2018 celebrated last weekend at my blog, if you want to see: 😉
    I like your blog!

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