Taking Care of Your Uniform

A karategi is something that all karate practitioners value, and people value their gis for different reasons.


For some, a good karategi is a big investment, and even something to be passionate about.


Whenever we value something, the best way to maintain that value, is to take care of it.


This is the same for a karate uniform, if you take care of it, you can prolong its use, as well as its value (whatever that may be).


In this post, I will explain how to take care of your karate uniform.





Like most things, the key to maintaining your karategi is to keep it clean.


Ideally, you want to wash your uniform after every training session.


Depending on how much you train, it is very expensive to wash your gi so regularly, so at least two washes a week will suffice.


It is important to wash your uniform regularly so that it doesn’t become yellow from sweat and over soiled, not only because this is a bad look, but because it will ruin the fibers in your uniform.


When you wash your gi, you want to make sure it is in the coldest water possible.


Some uniforms will actually say this on the label.


Hot water increases shrinkage, which may ruin your uniform.


Another factor you have to consider, is the spin cycle and what you use to wash your gi.


A lower spin cycle is less likely to damage your uniform, and it is recommended that you use detergents without bleach.


This is because bleach deteriorates the fibers in your karategi, altering its feel and performance.


If you want to be really safe, it is best to wash your uniform separately.


I have heard people on the internet say otherwise, claiming that having more items in your washing machine will create more friction, which will help rub in the detergent. This may be true, but it also might be rubbing away at the fibers in your gi?


Washing your gi separately will also eliminate the chance of color running into it.





Another thing some manufacturers put on their labels, is not to use commercial dryers.


Just like washing with hot water, this increases the shrinkage of the karategi, which may ruin it.


Using commercial dryers also makes your uniform stiffer, becoming more susceptible to tearing.


The way I dry my gi is quite simple.


I hang my uniform out on the washing line to dry, which is the most ideal option.


If that isn’t possible, you can take it to a big commercial dryer at a laundry and put it on the most delicate setting.


Before I put it out on the line, I straighten it out as much as I can (pulling it with my hands), so there are less wrinkles later.





Ironing is not ideal and not recommended by Japanese manufacturers, but is fine if you iron really carefully.


Personally, I follow the body iron rule, which is where your body heat irons out the wrinkles.


I find this to be just as good as normal ironing, and it is actually a lot better for your gi, as the ironing is not damaging the uniform’s fibers.


Like I said before, while my gi is still wet, I straighten it out as much as I can so there aren’t as many wrinkles.



That’s all!


These tips can be found on most Japanese karate websites, and are known by all “gi enthusiasts.”


For people who don’t take care of their gi, then I highly recommend soaking your gi in acid for a week (to speed up the process) and then purchasing new ones from us on a regular basis!” – Kuroobiya https://www.kuroobiya.com


If you follow these tips, then you can prolong the life of your karategi.


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Oh, and one more thing, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


All the best for 2018!




-Jesi Boy

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